You don’t Really want to be in the Gym do you? Nottingham Fitness Boot Camp

You know it

We know it..

You hate the place.

You hate the fact that you don’t know what you are doing, and the fact that everybody else seems to….

You hate the feeling of people staring at you…

And that you still have to look ‘semi’ reasonable just incase someone see’s you…

You hate how stuffy and cramped it is, and that all you want to do is leave as soon as you get there…

You know all these things, so why do you continue to put yourself through it?

The reason is because you think that the gym is the only thing that can help you lose the weight and get you looking and feeling AMAZING!

Truth is…. IT ISN’T

For most people it won’t even get you close.

What you really want, is to train in an environment of like minded people, who are all their for the same reason

And to be told exactly how and why to exercise to suit your body type, ensuring you drop body fat as quickly as possible

And to be shown exactly what and when to eat….to cut through all the garbage you read in the magazines.

Funnily enough….that is exactly what we do.

We want you to succeed

We want you to be thin

We want you to get out of your leggings, and into that dress

Let us show you how….

July’s Camp starts tonight at 6.30pm

What are you waiting for