Why you still have Chunky Love Handles and how to get rid of them – Nottingham Fitness Camps

So you are looking to get rid of your love handles and you’re still struggling with why you store fat in this specific area?



I’ll start by stating this now, no amount of  side crunches, side planks, side leg raises, rotational crunches, cable rotations, or any other exercises that you can possibly think of that work the oblique systems  (the muscles that run down the side of your waistline) aka the sidey bits, will make you lose fat from this specific area.




Well, because all these exercises do is put a contractile force through these muscles cause a breakdown and repair of this muscle and some development of it.  But that isn’t what you are looking for is it!!….

I guess you are looking to burn fat from that area right?? Which I think you will now agree is a completely different from working the local muscle tissue.


When we burn fat from the body during exercise we burn it from the whole body, molecule by molecule, not just in the are you’re working. A great example of this would be that nearly all people drop fat from their face first when on a fat loss program, how many facial training exercises do you know of??

So hopefully now you get the thought of working that area to ‘tone it up’ or lose fat from it, is a big no-no and is NOT how the body works.


Fat stored around the iliac crest (love handles) is a direct correlation to your sugar intake and your sensitivity to sugar and the hormone insulin. Here is what happens…


Whenever you eat starchy carbohydrates, such as wheat, corn, potato or even worse a refined starchy carbohydrates such as pastries, breads, or EVEN worse, confectionary such as chocolate, sweets, soft drinks etc. Your body receives a hit of sugar, and bumps up your blood sugar levels. The higher GI (the rate at which your food sugars) your food is, the faster it sugars in the blood, higher GI carbohydrates would be the aforementioned ones.



Now, the body doesn’t like having high blood sugar, in the same way it doesn’t like to be out of balance in any way. So its natural defence mechanism to control blood sugar levels is to release a hormone called insulin which is sent out to reduce sugar levels in the blood. The way insulin reduces sugar levels in the blood is to open up fat cells and store the sugar as fat, so yes that pasta you just ate for lunch will be getting converted to fat right now!


Research studies show that there is a direct correlation between how much insulin you produce on a daily basis and how much fat you store in the love handles zone. So to put it simply, your body turns sugar to fat and lays it down as stubborn fat at the love handles. NIGHTMARE.!!


So if you want to lose the love handles, live by these solutions


  1. Firstly (and obviously) you’ll want to completely cut out sugary sweets in any form so i’m talking, chocolate, doughnuts, cake, actual sugar, sweets,  these will all make you fat and sick
  2. Secondly we need to pay close attention to the starchy grains. Here is what I do- I only shoot for starchy grains 1. After intense  training, or  2. One or two mornings a week. Why?? Well because if muscles get low on their own energy sources insulin actually converts this sugar into muscle energy. BE WARNED this is only after intense training that requires contractions from a lot of muscles several times.  If you don’t do this type of exercise its not the same thing!
  3. Avoid anything containing wheat or gluten. The only starchy carbohydrates we eat are wholegrain brown rice and quinoa.
  4. Focus your energy on fibrous carbohydrates (some fruits and mostly veg) I shoot for green veggies most of the time as these are the biggest bang for your buck, in terms of health benefits and losing lard. Careful which fruits you choose, my favourites are blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, apples and pears. I stear clear mostly of bananas and dried fruit.

Simple really, if your pretty stationary day in day out. Then you don’t need all that starchy carbs and sugar nonsense and your body will store it as fat!

As for other boosters that can have a good effect at losing the love handles. I would focus my attention on healthy fats for 2 reasons


  1. They provide you with a much slower and attainable release of energy, so you lose the sugar cravings
  2. They almost have a dilute the sugar effect in the body and slow down the sugar and insulin spikes which then stops the stubborn fat storage effect.

Here are the ones I go for

  1. Fish oil
  2. Coconut oil
  3. Whole fat organic butter
  4. Olive oil

You may also want to put some attention into Fenugreek and drinking plenty of water in a day!