Who needs a Detox?? – Nottingham Fitness Boot Camp

Summer is cruel.

Late Nights, BBQ’s, Rose, All Inclusive Holidays

We do tend to overindulge…..just a touch!

I know for myself after spending last week in St Ives, Cornwall Р that a few to many chips have passed my lips!

And you know the old saying

‘A moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips!!”

However the end is in sight

Normal life can be resumed once the kids are back, the holidays end and the weather starts to get crappy again!

So what we have thought is that everyone could do with a bit of our R & R




Or in other words…. a Detox!

A simple plan to get you back to fighting fit.

A brain Fog clearer!

An excess lb’s loser!

So the plan is to put together a 14 day FREE detox for everyone, which will start on Monday 2nd September.

This will be in the form of a daily email from us, which will contain what to do and why :)

There are no strings attached, no competitions.

We just want to help

And as we will be doing a detox, we thought we might as well share it with everyone :)

All you need to do is reply to


And you will be added to the email list