What we do at Fat Attack Fitness Camp – Nottingham’s Premier Fitness Camp

How does it work?

This is a question that we get asked constantly, whether it’s via email, or through the various social media sites.

So we thought we would break it down for everyone, so you can see why what we do is better than all other weight loss options that are out their.  And why we get results, when so many other methods fail.

1.  We support a community of like minded Weight Loss enthusiasts, majority of whom are frustrated and confused by the amount of ‘dieting’ rubbish that is out there.

2. We provide Results – Not workouts.  When deciding between the various weight loss programmes out there, you need to be buying the RESULT the programme provides, not the actual programme itself.  If they have no results, how do you know it works?!

3.  We break things down into a simple, easy to follow manner.  Which you can just pick up and follow.

2. We provide Fun, Structured and varied workouts 3 times per week over a rolling 4 week period.

3.  Everything is provided for you.  Nutritional Guides, Plans & Recipe Books. Again it’s a pick it up and follow along.

4. We explain where you have been going wrong all this time, and how it can be easily corrected.

5.  We take all the risk!   All Fitness Camps are supported by our 100% Money Back Guarantee.  Which means that if you follow what we say and it doesn’t work then we will give you your money back….. No questions asked.

6. We offer the Guarantee because we know exactly what the results are of following our programe.(You will lose weight!!)   If you follow a weight loss system which doesn’t offer a Guarantee, then they are basically saying that they are not sure if it works or not!!  And surely that isn’t what you are after!