We Want You To Train With Us For Free – Nottingham Fitness Boot Camp


So you probably know who and what we are?!

For those of you that don’t

Simply, We are Nottingham’s ONLY Guaranteed Weight Loss Fitness Camp

We are the best at what we do

And that is getting members to lose weight and tone up without Dieting, getting Beasted at training sessions or making you drink weight loss shakes.

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We are now more popular than ever since moving to our new indoor location in Nottingham City Centre.

And I want to help as many people as possible who are

‘Desperate to Lose Weight’

I even want to let you train with us for Free!

But, Free always come with a catch doesn’t it?!

And so does this :)


But it’s a good catch

Because I want you to bring along people you like –  your friends, your family your colleagues etc

I want you to bring along 2 people with you.

And for every 2 Full paying members you bring with you

You can have the entire month for FREE


So to train with us for nothing all year, just bring along 2 people every month

Think about all those people on facebook who moan about being overweight?

Think about the guys in your office who all want to start going to the gym?

Or your cousin who keeps going to slimming world but seems to be getting even bigger!!!!!……

You guys all know these people!


And these are the people we want as members.

Because we can actually help them shed that weight which has evaded them for so long.

And how much nicer is it to have the help and support of someone close to you when you are going through something like a weight loss program.

Someone who understands

A shoulder to cry on!!

We just want to help you guys, and improve your experience with us :)

So get referring



Chris ‘I’m such a Giver’ Wraithmell