The Time is Now – Nottingham Fitness Boot Camp

Summer is literally almost upon us.


Yes it may not quiet feel like that, with the snow blizzards and freezing conditions we are experiencing this week, but you no what….

In just 2 months time you’ll be sitting around in the garden having a BBQ.  And those of you that are doing all the right things NOW to get in AWESOME shape will be the ones who are looking great and feeling great at the BBQ.

NOW is the time to start.

2 months from now you wont even be thinking about that time you had to drag yourself up and out into the cold to train.

It won’t seem so much of a drag, that you had to work out when it was cold and wet,  when your sat with a beer in hand looking down at a flat stomach.

What will feel a drag is when you are forcing yourself to keep those extra layers on during that scorching hot day in summer, because you are too embarrassed to reveal your fat bits.

Those Fat bits that you could be dealing with now, but instead you don’t bother with because, it’s too cold, or it’s too late, or you can’t be bothered.

Don’t let these essential months pass you by again, because before you know it you will be regretting it.

Instead take action now, work hard and get results.

It isn’t as hard as you think it is.