The reason you still have a Fat Ass and how to get rid of it – Nottingham Fitness Camp

Glad I’ve got your attention!

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So your having trouble losing fat from your bum, legs & arms. Not uncommon about 80% of the females we train are having the same problem too.


So let us have a look at why we store fat in these specific areas.


The reason is because you have an estrogen dominant hormone profile. And the fat cells in the problematic areas of your body, are more receptive to estrogen so your body stores more fat in these areas.

We can put this down to 3 main reasons….. there are several but we don’t want to complicate things to badly

  1. Poor liver function
  2. Xenoestrogens from toxicity in the diet
  3. Poor Sleep

And probably a combination of all 3!

So let’s start at the liver.  What has this got to do with you being overly dominant in the hormone estrogen. Well the liver is responsible for producing sex hormone binding  globulin, which is basically released into the system and acts like a mop, and literally binds to the estrogen sex hormones to remove the excess from the blood. The more floating estrogen mopped up from your system, the less chance it has to store as fat.  Now your liver is a multifunctional organ which is awesome if its operating correctly as it is responsible for ridding the body of toxic substances.  But what happens most of the time is we ‘OVERWHELM’ it with toxins from processed foods, sugars, alcohol, processed dairy and a whole load more crap. This basically means it spends all its time de-toxing itself and so can no longer produce optimal amounts of sex hormone binding globulin. No wonder we become estrogen dominant if there’s no longer anything to ‘mop it up’.

This leads quite nicely to point 2.


These are basically ‘man made’ substances that mimic estrogen inside the body. You get these from toxins that come from commercially injected meats (like most of the ones in the supermarkets) pesticide drenched food,  Teflon saucepan coatings, plastic bottles and many other sources. Yes you’ve guessed it when the liver is being overwhelmed with toxins and other such undigestible substances causing it to be over worked, it doesn’t remove these potent xenostrogens meaning  more fat storage at estrogen sensitive tissues around the body.


And finally, Poor Sleep.

Basically sleep is a time when the body undergoes recovery, re-juvinates and balances things. More importantly it is a time when we are most productive in producing vital growth and repair hormones such as testosterone and human growth hormone for our body.  Now the clever part… these hormones have an inverse relationship with estrogen, so low and behold as these 2 go up in dominance then we see the relative fall in estrogen and fat loss starts to happen, as apposed to fat gain.


So these are the problems how do we go about fixing them?


Liver- clean up your diet here’s what i do for 14 days (at least) we remove anything known to cause toxicity and intolerance.  Including; wheat, gluten, sugar, processed food, alcohol and caffeine. This gives your liver a chance to rest, recover and start to go back to normal function and produce regular amounts of sex hormone binding globulin. You will probably notice body fat being dropped from all over the body from the detox effect of the diet.  And you will also need to be looking to drink a litre of water for every 25kg’s of bodyweight.


Xenoestrogens. Crufericous vegetables such as Watercress, spinach, broccoli, kurly kale are awesome. These basically bind to these toxic estrogens and remove them from the system. We shoot for a large portion 3 x per day and try and eat these raw.  If not then lightly steam them.


Poor sleep. Go to bed earlier and establish a routine. You need 7-8 hours of uninterrupted sleep per night between the hours of 10pm-6am. Use adaptogen supplements such as ashwaghanda, tulsi tea and rhodiola to reduce stress and improve sleep any time after 5pm in the day. We also like to introduce magnesium and zinc 2 hours  before bed time for a good quality nights sleep. Shoot for around 30mg of zinc and 400mg of magnesium. AVOID the oxide versions of these 2 supplements. You want ‘ate’ versions such as ctitrate, gluconate and so on and so forth. You could also try reading (fiction) and meditation to help with sleep too!


So there you go follow this advice an you’ll notice considerable improvements in your fatty legs, ass and arms. Most people won’t take this advice but you’ll only change your body if you do something different today, that you haven’t been doing before.