The Most Truthful Post We Have Ever Written – Nottingham Fitness Boot Camp

After a few months of contemplating the truth, we have finally come to a rather stark conclusion….

Some people don’t want a result.

What people are actually looking for is a workout which punishes them.

This punishment during the workout, somehow makes them feel better about eating shit all week, and drinking like a fish over the weekend.  It also provides a punishment for not looking and feeling the way they want to.

This is literally going to torture yourself emotionally, as you are never going to look in the mirror and feel truly happy with yourself, and so you know what..

The punishment will continue 3 x per week, to give yourself that brief bit of relief.

It’ a never ending cycle, which is going to leave you more tired, more lethargic and even more unhappy then when you started.

What really needs to happen, is for you to own up to a few home truths.

  • That you are unhappy
  • That you are fed up
  • That you don’t like the way you look
  • And that you do need to do something about it

If this cannot happen, and you want to continue along the emotional torture route, then there is a list of gyms below which will be able to help you with that.

For us, a workout is not about just beasting a client so that feel they have earned another cupcake.

It is about creating a winning environment, which enables success to become easy, and the result a formality.