I was Stunned

For any of you guys who actually know’s me

They will tell you, that it takes a lot to shut me up!!!


I natter like a Girl at Guides Camp!!


Well this week I got well and truly ‘silenced’


And it is because of this:-


photo (1)


^^^^^ Incredible Isn’t It ^^^^^




In fact have a look again!


It is that good


It literally stopped me in my tracks, and not just because of the difference in the photos


But because it was actually done with NO exercise!!



The lady in question couldn’t make our Fitness Camps over the last 2 months

Her partner had been working away

But she has kept up with the nutrition plan we recommend, and well the result speaks for itself doesn’t it




And she has been managing to handle 2 kids and a Job as well


Chris ‘Proud as Punch’ Wraithmell


p.s  She is back at our Fitness Camps next month

p.p.s  You could be too