Stop Buying Sessions and Start Buying Results – Nottingham Fitness Boot Camp

We get huge amounts of enquiries from potential members who really want to join us, but want to ‘pay as you go’ with the sessions…

We send these people elsewhere…

Sounds harsh, but they are never going to achieve the type of result that we provide.


Because they are not ready to commit.

They have probably tried other Boot Camps around Nottingham, and probably really enjoyed them – but still not noticed any real results.

The result doesn’t come from the work you do on that muddy field twice per week, it comes from the hard work you do in the kitchen, preparing good quality, healthy, nutritious meals.

If you are expecting miracles from a Boot Camp which doesn’t provide you with nutrition advice, then stop bothering!!

Take a step back, and think about what you actually want….

You want a RESULT, right?

You want to drop 2 jeans sizes, or get rid of your flabby arms, don’t you?

That is what you should be buying!!   Instead of forking out £’s for the odd boot camp session you can be bothered to attend!

That is what we sell….

We don’t sell sessions, or workouts

We sell RESULTS.


If you want a result, come and speak to us

If you want another ‘generic’ workout, then please go elsewhere :)