Our Next FREE Week October 2013 – Nottingham Fitness Boot Camp

It’s been a while since we opened our doors to Joe Public.

But I have had to schedule something in before the end of the year, just due to the sheer demand from people who wanted to trial us out.

Included in the Free week will be

  • 3 Fat obliterating fitness sessions
  • A 7 day nutritional plan
  • Access to our current members, who can give you there own fat loss secrets
  • And access to Nottinghams Premier Weight Loss trainers

So when is it…

FREE Week – October 2013

Monday 28th October – 6.45pm to 7.45pm

Wednesday 30th October – 6.45pm to 7.45pm

Friday 1st November – 6.45pm to 7.45pm

The typical weight loss durning this week is generally in the region of 3 – 7lbs!!

Not bad for a freebie!!

All you have to do is sign up via the opt in box on the right hand side of our website to secure your place.

Don’t faff around as these places will go fast.

Don’t regret not getting in shape for Xmas – It ISNT as hard as you think to start your journey

Take action and we will see you soon :)