Monday Night Meltdown – Fitness Boot Camp Nottingham

After an increase in demand we are going to put together an additional  Monday Night Meltdown session.

This is not going to be a Gym style circuit/shit class!

What we want to do is provide the maximal EPOC(post exercise oxygen consumption) effect possible, which is what happens after the sessions has finished.

The 45 mins you will spend with us is pretty much useless, if it does not have a post effect on not only the muscles but also on the blood and hormonal systems.

That will be the goal of the additional Meltdown session.

Because, you don’t really have the time to do 3-4 gym sessions per week do you?

Or commit to going for a run 3 nights a week….especially now it’s getting cold!

So let us provide 1 workout which can provide efficiency & effect to your diary.

We will also throw in ‘mini metabolic’ workouts to be completed at home during the week – now when we say mini, we mean 6-7 minutes long!!

These will have the aim of stoking your metabolic fire even further, to increase the EPOC effect even more!