Your Invite


Hope your weekend is going great so far?


So, straight down to business…..your Invite

I want to Invite you to join us at Fat Attack Fitness Camp for our 7 Day, drop up to 7lbs Trial week

For absolutely nothing!

But before I give you a bit more detail, I wanted to just show you something..


photo (10)


How long do you think that took?

1 month, 2 month??


14 Days….


That is one of our members Zeb, who came along to our last 7 day trial, and then joined straight up to our full 4 week camp immediately after.

That was her result after just 2 weeks of training with us!!

Not bad, is it!

But it’s not all about just the training… know that!


The nutrition plays a major part as well.

We know that, and we know that it can be confusing – so we make sure we cover all that for you as well.

Plans, Guides, Cookbooks

We have them all ready to go for you.

Simple, easy to prepare meals which will have you dropping weight faster than you thought possible!


Anyway, your invite to our 7 day trial.

It starts on Monday 31st March, and you can choose to attend our training sessions at either 6am, 5.45pm, 6.30pm.   Al sessions are held indoors in our Nottingham City Centre Unit.

For all of the guys who attend…..and why wouldn’t you!!!

You will also get a 7 day nutritional plan to show you how easy our nutrition plan is to follow :)


Feel free to email me personally on, with any questions you may have


Chris ‘ Loves an Early Sunday Email’ Wraithmell


p.s Our Full 4 week Camp starts on Monday 7th April -if you can’t wait you can sign up here for it.