I’m 2.5lbs Lighter Now Than I was 12 Hours Ago – Nottingham Fitness Boot Camp

This is a bit gross

But I have to tell you

I am 2.5lb’s lighter now than I was this morning

2.5lb’s of weight loss in less than 12 hours


As i’m back at work, im drinking my usual 4-6 litres of water per day.
Since being off for about a week, my intake has been down to around 2 litres.

Back in work today and I am back to normal.
The additional water has got my digestive tract back up to speed, and flushed through all the crap sat in it after an indulgent Xmas period.

I regularly see members drop 4-6 lb’s in there first week of training with us, just by upping there water intake to a level where it can actually start to do it’s job and hydrate you

The body will NOT let you lose weight until it is hydrated