How Much Weight Do You Put On Over Xmas – Nottingham Fitness Boot Camp

I’m serious

How much do you put on?


A stone?

You know it’s going to happen, as there is no way in the world you can turn down 2 portions of Xmas pudding and custard.

I know I don’t!

And you know you are going to feel terrible for doing it, and in those dark days of January & February it feels even worse.

So if you know whats going to happen and when, why don’t you¬†preemptively do something about it?

It’s like knowing when you are going to be run over by a car, you know when it’s going to hit you, and you know it’s going to hurt but you still stand in the road and let it happen!

Imagine that if before Xmas you were a stone lighter, your metabolism was severely ramped up, you were sleeping better, eating well, and had kicked the Diet Coke habit.

Now think about how much easier January would be, no moodiness, no tiredness, no fat feelings!

Sounds great doesn’t it

Well this actually can happen, in fact we have tonnes of people every year who actually combat the effects of Xmas, before they have even started!

They wake up post Xmas, feeling a little bit chubbier, but raring to burn it off!

I want to help you this year.

Let me know how much you put on?