How many Excuses do you have? Nottingham Fitness Boot Camp

“I’m far to busy”

“I wish I could afford it”

“The kids need me at home”

“I can’t do that”


We have heard them all before…….trust me!!

People can rattle off excuses like they are going out of fashion.

There is always a reason not to do something, no matter how pathetic it may sound.

The fact is that, the longer you leave it the more you are going to build up this fear of not doing anything.

You become paralysed by fear, of actually starting it.

And this isn’t just related to joining a gym, or starting aFitness Camp….. it stretches to ‘calling the bank manager’ or opening that credit card bill which has just hit your door mat.

These fears, which we build up in our minds can turn into real monsters if we let them.

The thing is though that when you actually open that bill, or call the bank….it’s never, EVER as bad as you thought it would be.   Turns out you didn’t spend as much as you thought, or that the guy at the bank is actually a nice guy!

This is the same with Fat Attack Fitness Camp.

We know that you are a little bit anxious about starting, we know that you don’t know what to expect, or how hard it might be.

We already know these things….

So we base our entire program around success, and helping you to succeed.

We know where the fears are which you have, so we deal with them up front

Like ripping off a plaster

Don’t waste anymore time

Come and join us :)