The Girl, The Car & The K.F.C

So, let me set the scene for you.


It a dusky Summer Evening, perfect BBQ Weather

We were holding our annual Summer Fitness Camp Free Experience Week.

( your on the notification list, so don’t worry )


Anyway, I had just arrived for the first of the Free Week’s Trial session’s, and was wandering across the car park when I spotted a young girl – tarted up in her Gym gear, sat in her car.


Nothing strange there,


But as I got closer I noticed she was eating something


Now I’m naturally inquisitive so I poked my nose in a bit further to see what it was


And to my absolute amazement, she was tucking into what I can only describe as a ‘Man Sized Bucket’ of K.F.C chicken


^^ No Joke ^^


This was literally 10 minutes before the start of the session.


10 minutes before taking part in something which was going to work the body hard.


10 minutes before embarking on something which could potentially drop her a Jeans size in just 28 days.


To say that she was started off on the wrong foot was an epic understatement.



Anyway, Lauren turned out to be one of biggest success stories we have ever had at Fat Attack Fitness Camp

This is what she did in 28 days…..



^^  Not too shabby is it ^^^

Lauren went from eating crappy Fast Food 10 minutes before a session, to becoming one of the greatest transformations we have ever had!


You think she could have managed that at a Gym?


Or Weight Watchers?


Or a bog standard, £5 a pop Boot Camp?


No, me neither


Changing Habits, changes bodies :)


Chris ‘Body Transformer’ Wraithmell


p.s Our next camp is only a couple of weeks away