FREE Place on our Brand New East Bridgford Fitness Camp to be Won – Nottingham Fitness Camp

So to celebrate the launch of our Brand New Fitness Camp in East Bridgford, we have decided to give away a FREE space to just 1 lucky person.

If you didn’t know already, we have secured a truly amazing venue for our second Fitness Camp location


How does training in front of this amazing Manor House sound….. and also getting to enjoy this fantastic view.



Not bad right….?

Well to win a space on our first camp from this brand new location, all you have to do is tell us WHY you think you DESERVE this free space.

Simple as that.

I want you to tell us why it should be you who wins, instead of the other 100 people who will inevitably apply.

And just to per warn you, telling us that you want to tone up, and lose some weight is not going to cut it.

We want to know the real hearty reason WHY you so badly want us to help you.  That reason which has been holding you back for years….

Don’t forget that this FREE space provides you with:-

  • 12 Group training sessions
  • 4 weeks of Nutritional Planning
  • Motivation & Guidance from Nottingham leading Personal Trainer
  • Private member only access to our secret Facebook group

And not to forget a GUARANTEE that you will drop at least a Jeans Size in 28 days.

This is what one of our previous competition winners, achieved in just 28 days.

photo (8)

Pretty good right?!!!

So to enter, all you have to do is tell us WHY you think you DESERVE to win….. Simple!!

All entries need to be sent to before Friday 5th April.

We will then sift through the entries and let the winner know that they ahve won a FREE space.

Entries to

P.S   28 days from now you could be a month older, possibly a few pounds heavier & god knows how much more unhealthy OR you can choose to be up to a stone lighter a clothes size slimmer & 28 days closer to your goal. Take action & I’ll see you soon.