Fancy Winning £100 – Nottingham Fitness Boot Camp

Of course you do…..

Why wouldn’t you?

So what’s the catch your thinking…


***We are going to be running a ’14 Day’s of Fat Loss’ event during the 1st 2 weeks of August to celebrate a truly tremendous year so far at Fat Attack Fitness Camp.***

The aim of the game is to reward the most impressive before and after transformation with £100 of cold hard cash….right out of our pockets.

We are not interested in weight loss or inch loss – all that you will be judged on is just how impressive your before and after transformation is…

Now don’t worry this isn’t going to involve an insane amount of exercise, or eating the bark from a bonga-bonga tree.  All that will be required is a concerted effort over a 14 day period, and a commitment to rapidly changing your body shape, and setting up some pretty amazing habits along the way.

This is a simple programme which can be followed either in person or online, and no equipment or gym membership will be required….at all!!!

What we want to show you is just how amazing you can not only look, but feel after just 14 days of Quality Health, Nutrition and Training Advice.

You probably think that losing weight is some kind of jedi mind/body illusion….

It isn’t

And we want to show you just how easy it can be, by allowing you to follow this program.

We will be also giving away prizes for 2 lucky runners up as well.

  1. 1st Prize – £100 Cash + 1 FREE month of Fat Attack Fitness Camp
  2. 2nd Prize – £30 Cash + 1 FREE month of Fat Attack Fitness Camp
  3. 3rd Prize – £20 Cash + 1 FREE Month of Fat Attack Fitness Camp


Most decent prizes come with some sort of terrible consequence like running naked through a park, or eating a kangaroo testicle…

We are actually going to reward you for becoming healthier, leaner and sexier!!!

Not a bad deal is it?

We will begin this programme on Monday 5th August, and it will finish on Sunday 18th August.

2 weeks/14 days is all the commitment you need to start getting serious results.

And don’t forget this programme can be followed either in person or from the comfort of your own home.

So you know what the rewards will be, now for the commitment…

We want every single person to benefit as much as humanly possible from this programme, so to avoid the tyre kickers, and time wasters, there is going to be a small cost…..and when I say small I mean small!

***Just £29 is all your investment needs to be***

Now instantly that is going to put some of you off….and to be honest GOOD!!!

If you can’t see the value in receiving 14 days of the best Health and Nutrition & Training Planning from Nottingham’s Premier Personal Trainer, who can produce results like the ones below then you cannot be helped!!!

photo (8)


image (3)



We want serious people looking for AMAZING results

So what to do next….

Hit the But it now Button….Invest £29 in yourself, and then sit back and wait for it all to start :)



Email us on with any questions you may have.

We can’t wait to hear from you.