Have You Had Enough Yet? Nottingham Fitness Boot Camp

I’m starting to feel as though I have!


I have thoroughly enjoyed my Xmas break so far, but it’s starting to drag me down now!!


You might be feeling the same way




Spots appearing on your Skin


A salty Taste in your mouth

Terrible sugar cravings

And generally feeling a bit fat


These are all the signs that you have had a great Xmas!!


Now you have probably said to yourself that you are going to start in January.


But let me just give you a few easy things to do before then, so jumping onto that diet in January doesn’t slap you in the face too hard!!


Drink Water – i’m talking about 2-3 litres per day.  This will flush through all the toxic rubbish that is currently sitting in your system making you feel like c**p


Go for a Walk – Not around the block.  Take a drive to somewhere with trees, and just walk.  The benefits of filling your lungs with fresh oxygen are essential to health.  This will reinvigorate you like a cold shower!


Make Bubble & Squeak – I’m serious!  Take all the left over vegetables, Roasties & Mash potatoes.  Throw it in a bowl and mash it all together.  Then flatten it all in a frying pan, and re cook it until golden brown, flipping it along the way.  Serve that with some left over Turkey, and you have a pretty fantastic meal!


I’m going to run pretty major detox for everyone in January, which will be FREE.


But for all our Fitness Camp members, they are going to get treated to my brand new ultimate Weight Loss Program.


You may even drop 2 Dress Sizes in January if you really want to?


Chris ‘Water, Walk, Bubble & Squeak’ Wraithmell


p.s  Sign up is now open for January’s Fitness Camp.

p.p.s  And remember we are now indoors!  www.fatattackfitnesscamp.com