Christmas Has Come Early – Nottingham Fitness Boot Camp

Hi Guys,

So 2 pieces of good news… scrap that – great news for this dreary Monday Morning.


We have an indoor venue organised for those bleak winter months which are coming up.

We literally trained in all weathers last year, snow, sleet, rain and a weird side wind!!!



That’s just a few of our guys rocking it in the snow!!   And that’s 3 times per week, so these guys were true soldiers last year.

This year however i’m feeling a little nicer…..and to honest frost bite is never fun! Especially with the shoes I wear!

IMG_1515These things ain’t warm at the best of times!!

So whenever we need to we can move indoors to my new Personal Training Studio…..

But there will be a catch.   We will only be running a maximum of 8 people per camp.

The second bit of news I have for you is that I am going to offer a special reward for all existing members or past members.

Now I don’t do offers.


So this is rare

But I am aware that Xmas is expensive, and come January most people are feeling the pinch a little!

So what I am going offer at the request of one of our members is,

  • Get you in your Xmas Party Dress (November)
  • Manage to stay in it over Xmas (December)
  • Then realise it’s too Big and sell it on ebay!! (January)

Or in simple terms, a 3 month upfront package, which means you will pay now and then not have to worry about it again until February!

Usually 3 months would cost you £171, so what I am proposing is that all current and existing members can get all this for £139

With the stone clad GUARANTEE that I will make sure you get in that Xmas party dress.

That Saves you guys £42 – Hense Christmas coming early

The payment button is below for you guys to get signed up now.

Remember that there are only 24 spaces available once we move indoors, and the 3 month deal will GUARANTEE that you get one :

3 Month Christmas Special

P.S Our FREE Experience week is just around the corner, so please remember to get signed up via the registration box on the website.  28th October it all kicks off :)