Be Realistic With Yourself – Fitness Boot Camp Nottingham

This follows up from a quick post I put up on our Facebook page earlier today

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Anyway, the point I was making was that people need to be realistic about their Nutrition and Training principles.

Sure, some people you just speak to them and ‘BANG’ they can just change what they are eating and embark on a brand new training regime that second – without looking back

Katie was one of these people and did amazingly




And this is a big butt (no pun intended), for most people the size of the change is just far to large.

This dramatic change, is just far too daunting, which either paralyses you from even starting or sets you up for immediate failure!

Both of which are shite!!!

A new tact we are taking with members is to be realistic and make sure that our guys are winning!

No one likes to fail, no one like to think they they cannot complete something.

So instead we ensure that they win, week by week.

Start off with something small like water intake.

Do it for a week, which is easy – WIN

Next week, try adding a healthy breakfast everyday – easy -WIN

The next week, start getting to bed 10.30pm, easy  – WIN


You ca see where I am going!!

All this means is that week by week, you achieve, and not only are you achieving but you are building in all these fantastic habits which are making you healthier, leaner and fitter.

And the best bit is that you don’t resent doing it, because you are working them in at manageable intervals, and not over stressing yourself about having to change everything!

I love this method….

And you know what I love it so much I might even right a book about it!!!

Not thats a challenge!