Are you setting yourself Rules?? Rules can hinder your results big time. – Nottingham Fitness Boot Camp

Were rules just made to be broken?

Something we see every single day when working with our clients, to help them get in great shape and improve their health is something we call ‘on/off syndrome’.

Let me explain, when a client is doing really wel,l shedding the pounds, sleeping well, eating well, dialed into their body, health and nutrition etc – they often tell us they are ‘on it’!!, which is great as we can literally see the improvements in energy and body being made on a daily basis. HOWEVER is this just short term and are they intending on keeping this level of intensity forever? Or do they have some date in their mind when they decide they are going the other way and be ‘off it’ for a while?.

On the flip side of that coin when we ask people sometimes “how they are getting on at the moment?” We get the reply “I’m not doing ‘it’ at the moment”.

To which we’lll reply- “’it’ how do you mean? “Well I’m not on the diet and stuff”.

“OK, so what are you doing then?” “errrrrrr”!

The problem ISN’T actually what they are or aren’t doing. The problem is they have created an imaginary set of rules for themselves and all they want do is break them and when they break them the feeling is so impulsive they can’t stop doing it.

And basically they are saying since I’m not following ‘the rules’ I have created for myself – I may as well disregard them all together.

So straight away they are on the road to failure!

I encourage you to think differently.

How about there are NO RULES, your not going on a ‘diet’ instead your going to make a life long decision to commit to your health more than you did before and continuing for the rest of your life.

In that there is no ‘on’ or ‘off,’ it is a continuum of decisions, you consciously make every day; either making a decision to select the most healthy food option or your making another decision and understanding the consequences.

That is it! I don’t eat a pizza and thing “OMG” I’ve broken my imaginary rules now so I’m going to eat garbage for the next 5 weeks until I decide I feel guilty enough to follow my imaginary rules again.

I eat my pizza, think to myself that was nice, I really enjoyed it, I know if I ate those types of foods regularly I wouldn’t be very healthy or feel good. Then the next day when faced with a decision I would select the healthier option of spicy chicken and mixed veg, and I would carry on making the best decisions that match my goals, as regularly as possible. Keep it simple.

Think bigger picture. If someone assessed every meal you had eaten in your life up until now- that is your actual ‘diet’, it is a continuous thing, not some set of rules you decide follow 2 weeks before you go on holiday.

Don’t tell yourself your sitting either side of an imaginary fence because BOTH sides are stressful.

Side 1- your forcing yourself to eat foods, using will power and motivation, saying to yourself ‘I must not break the rules’ and then fantasising over foods you tell yourself you can’t have in attempt to be very strict on yourself.

Side 2- the motivation has worn off, you are now telling yourself ‘you only live once’ and you’re going to start the ‘diet’ again at the beginning of next month cos you just can’t face it right now’, ‘you haven’t got the motivation’, and you feel guilty for eating food you know is bad, but you do it anyway and blame yourself.

Does that sound right?????

Forget about it, your diet is a ‘whole’ with NO RULES just make more healthy decisions than unhealthy ones and the outcome will be positive.

This is how true body composition results are achieved.  You have to just make more healthy decisions than unhealthy ones.    Try not to complicate, something which is very very simple.