A Sneaky Peek at our 14 Day Challenge Results – Nottingham Fitness Boot Camp

The programme is over and the results are filtering through.

I have to say that we thoroughly enjoyed out 2 week ‘Blast’ in August, and from the feedback we are getting from members – they feel the same way.

The actual final result and more importantly £100 prize will not be revealed until a few days before the start of our September Camp

I just wanted to build a bit more tension!!

However I wanted to give everyone a bit of a sneaky peek at just a couple, of the transformation shots, which we achieved in 14 days.

Yes 14 days!!!

photo (10)10lbs Weight Loss in 14 days!!



4lb Weight Loss


9.5 inches in 12 Days, whilst also looking after 2 children under 2 years old and following the programme from home!

We knew the programme was good, but these 2 examples just go to show how much can be done in a very short space of time, if you follow a brilliant nutrition plan, coupled with some intensive exercise programming.

Well done to both the guys, and keep your eyes out for more transformations coming in.