6 month memberships now available at Fat Attack Fitness Camp – Nottingham Fitness Camp

We have been getting a huge amount of interest from new clients about long term memberships on our Fitness Camp.


People are seeing the transformations that take place in 4 weeks, and are then thinking well what if I stayed with it for 6 months – or even 12!!

  • Thats means 6 months of progressive workouts
  • 6 months of tailored nutrition
  • 6 months of recipes/guides/plans/cookbooks
  • 6 months of attention from the leading Nottingham Personal Trainer

We love long term relationships with our members, and want to reward the people who commit to us, with an offer which we think is fantastic.

That is why we are offering 6 month memberships at just £234.

That works out at just £39 for the month.  Saving you £18 per month if purchased separately.

And that is a rolling membership as well, so if you happen to be on holiday for a month then you don’t lose the month you have paid for it just simply rolls on to the next!!!

For full sign up details please contact us on info@fatattackfitnesscamp.com