20 reasons why you need Nottingham Fitness Camp instead of a Gym Membership – Nottingham Fitness Camp

  • We actually care about you – your not just another number or member to us!!!


  • We actually want to help YOU!!  Whether that be weight loss, fitness improvements or just building your confidence – we are not here to just take your money and leave you to your own devices


  • We actually want you to keep turning up week in week out – WHY?? Because the more you turn up the better your results will become :)


  • We 100% GUARANTEE our results or we refund your investment – mo questions asked!   How many gym’s are doing that!!!



  • We offer REAL value for money – Training, Nutrition, Mindset, Motivation, Community – we are a one stop shop!!!


  • We follow a structured system


  • And the system works!!!


  • And we have proof that the system works!!!!




  • We make it as easy as possible for you to SUCCEED


  • Which is why we provide everything for you, Nutritional Guides, Cook Books, Private Groups, Plans etc




  • Your workouts are carefully structured and planned, to generate an end result – not just made up on the spot like most classes in the gym!!


  • This constant progression allows you to become better and better and better – like a fine wine!!


  • We are a community


  • We have FUN!!!


  • We share our successes


  • We share our Failing’s


  • This allows us to become better and better and better – so we are able to keep improving your results further!!


  • We want you to LOVE what we do – so much that you tell all your friends and all your family :)


  • We take pride in all our members –  YOU guys are our shop front, and we want the experience you received to be Fantastic


  • And most importantly….. WE WANT YOU TO SUCCEED.   Whatever succeeding looks like to you, we want to help you get there.