Fat Attack Fitness Camp is the Body Toning, Rapid Weight Loss, Body Transformation solution that the Busy, Frustrated people of Nottingham have been searching for.


Hundreds if not thousands of people across Nottingham who really want to lose weight and change the way they feel about their bodies, have given their time, money and effort into various weight loss programmes, diets and gym memberships. Yet most still feel frustrated and upset after trying again and again, and still not seeing the real results they deserve.


We know how badly you want to see results when you look in the mirror, and we know how frustrating it feels to keep trying and trying with seemingly no reward.

The secret we hold is based within our proven system to body transformation and rapid weight loss. Which incorporates our unique nutrition formula F.A.T the Fat Attack Template, which has been designed around cutting edge science and solid health principles.

The Fat Attack Fitness Camp is a supportive community where people can workout with other like-minded individuals without the fear of being judged or feeling insecure or overwhelmed.

Founded by the leading Nottingham Personal Trainer Chris Wraithmell, this is NOT an in your face, hardcore military group. This is systemized and enjoyable group personal training.


Are you struggling with any of these frustrations??

  • Not feeling confident enough to wear the clothes that you really want to
  • Feeling overwhelmed by all the so-called weight loss solutions that are out there
  • Feeling Fat, unhealthy and insecure about the problem areas on your body, like the stomach and hips
  • Seemingly endlessly saying ‘I’ll start again on Monday’, as the latest programme you tried didn’t work
  • And basically feeling rubbish about yourself as nothing seems to work

Well now you can change everything

Take these other local people who had fears and frustrations just like yours, but over came them all at Fat Attack Fitness Camp and finally got the results and happiness they deserved.


I was very sceptical about losing a jean size in a month… And very self critical all the way through but i stuck it out cut out the rubbish for 4 weeks and im so happy with the results, I have suffered from panic attacks and migranes most of my life and for once I’m fine, so much happier about life, so much more energy, sleep better and have loads more energy through the day. And I look a million percent better! Definitely keeping it up for another 6 months if this is the transformation in 4 weeks can’t wait for half a year! I have genuinely recommended to everyone! X Lauren – Nottingham





Still cannot believe that we accomplished this in 7 months!! If you want clear, effective direction on how to lose weight and keep it off, this is the only place to go to!! Katie Leadbeater – Nottingham


I struggled with my weight my entire life, seemingly endlessly on a diet. Oh how things have changed!! I train less – eat more, and I still lose weight every week – AMAZING!! I now have the drive and motivation to keep on goingsession after session, and I now have my eye on the next 50lbs!!! Sharon Wroe – Nottingham




I achieved this in 28 days, whilst planning a wedding, training for a half marathon and I even managed to squeeze in a hen do to magaluf!! Couldn’t be happier Kate – Nottingham






Our solution is actually very simple! Instead of feeling hungry, following some bland diet and putting up with inefficient, low grade exercises like jogging, cross training or aerobics type classes, which to be honest have probably never worked! Instead we give you are our modern, scientifically validated exercise programmes, which are NOT some random workouts or ridiculous exercises that ‘beast’ you into submission.


The basics of our approach are; perfectly co-ordinated and progressive exercise sessions, good nourishing healthy eating (NOT A DIET) and the motivation to achieve. This equals the guaranteed formula for the results you are longing for. Here is what is included:


  1. 12 live coaching sessions with Nottingham’s leading Personal Trainer. Enjoy having loads of fun training with people with the same goals and aspirations as you.  All workouts are carefully designed and co-ordinated to ensure you get in the best shape of your life.
  2. Our Nutritional bible, the Fat Attack Template.  This is an easy to follow solution, which is definitely NOT a diet.  It is a sound, healthy eating programme, incorporating clean, delicious, wholesome foods, which the entire family can enjoy.  This makes getting healthier and leaner, easier than ever.
  3. No good nutritional plan is complete without a cookbook to accompany it.  This is why we provide you with a clean cookbook packed with over 60 different recipes that work in perfect synergy with our nutritional plan. Main meals, snacks, sides it has it all covered.
  4. You will also get UNLIMITED support from the leading Nottingham Personal Trainer. Imagine knowing a highly qualified health and fitness professional is fighting your corner every step of the way. Any time you need extra advice or motivation we are just a text or email away.

The Fat Attack Fitness Camp has really taken off in a BIG way.  Our clients have now left their gym’s, quit their diet/slimming clubs and got rid of the other Nottingham Personal Trainers who were just not cutting it for them.

The Fat Attack Fitness Camp always sells out before it even begins.  The only way to GUARANTEE your spot on the next camp is to sign up below now.

HOWEVER we do understand that you may not feel confident about investing in yourself right now.

So you can sign up for our totally FREE taster week, which will allow you to come along and experience what we do and see if it is the right fit for you.

If you fill in this form we will be in touch.

If you can’t wait to get started – then check out the available times and dates of our next Fat Attack Fitness Camp:

  Nottingham City Centre – Outdoors


Early Morning’s: 6.00am – 6.45am & 7.00am – 7.45am

Evening’s: 6.45pm – 7.30pm 

  Days: Monday, Wednesday & Friday 

Location: Nottingham Park Clinic, 36 Regent Street, Nottingham, NG1 5BT 

Our next Camp starts on Monday 18th April 2016  All our Life changing Fitness Camps are just £87

We also offer longer term memberships which offer even greater value   A 3 month Membership costs £225.  That works out at just £75 per month.

Our 6 Month Membership’s are now also available at just £402.  That works out at £67 per month when paid upfront.  Or less than a Gym membership!!

We are SO confident you will lose at least a clothes size in 28 days at Fat Attack Fitness Camp, that we will offer you a 100% Money Back GUARANTEE on this promise. Money-Back-Guarantee-150x150

This means that if after following our weight loss system exactly as we show you to at Fat Attack Fitness Camp and you fail to lose a clothes size, we will refund every single penny of your money. No Catch, No Hard Feelings and No Questions Asked.

Finally there is a solution. Thanks to our Fitness Camp in Nottingham, if you’re a busy, annoyed Dieter my group Personal Training system makes sure you no longer have to deal with the utter frustration of not seeing the results you want anymore.

Chris Wraithmell

Leading Nottingham Personal Trainer

Founder of the Fat Attack Fitness Camp


P.S. Remember either you drop a clothes size in the first 28 days or I’ll give you 100% your money back, who’s taking the risk here?

P.P.S 28 days from now you could be a month older, possibly a few pounds heavier & god knows how much more unhealthy OR you can choose to be up to a stone lighter a clothes size slimmer & 28 days closer to your goal. Take action & I’ll see you soon.